Advocacy group challenges UAlberta response to 2015 anti-abortion protest

June 13, 2017

A freedom of speech advocacy group is currently in court to challenge how the University of Alberta dealt with an anti-abortion demonstration held by a student club on the school’s campus in March 2015. Held by the UAlberta Pro-Life club, the event reportedly included graphic images that in turn sparked a much larger counter-demonstration by pro-choice students who attempted to block the images. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms argues that campus security did nothing to prevent the “mob” of students from disrupting the display and failed to properly investigate a complaint filed by members of the Pro-Life club. Further, it argues that the university's decision to charge the club a $17.5K security fee for setting up a similar display at a later date infringed on freedom of expression. UAlberta reportedly investigated the club's complaint, but an officer later determined that the counter-demonstration was itself a form of free speech. CBC