AFMC outlines recommendations to transform postgraduate medical education

April 4, 2012

The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada released last week a report that contains 10 recommendations for transforming postgraduate medical education -- the second phase of Canadian medical education where learners with an MD degree train to become clinicians. Each recommendation is backed by a key transformation action and other strategies that will need a collective will to implement. The recommendations are: ensuring the right mix, distribution, and number of physicians to meet societal needs; cultivating social accountability through experience in diverse learning and work environments; creating positive and supportive learning and work environments; integrating competency-based curricula in postgraduate programs; ensuring effective integration and transitions along the educational continuum; implementing effective assessment systems; developing, supporting, and recognizing clinical teachers; fostering leadership development; establishing effective collaborative governance in postgraduate medical education; and aligning accreditation standards. AFMC News Release | Report