The age of exploitative internationalization is dead: Patel

July 12, 2019

High tuition fees, lack of English language skills, and few job opportunities are just three of the ways that international students are failing to benefit Western higher education institutions, writes Fay Patel, who adds that the current era of internalization is coming to an end. Institutions can no longer make a credible argument that their relationship with international students is “win-win,” Patel continues, since this framing erases the lopsidedness of the overall benefits, which overwhelmingly go to Western institutions. Patel calls for institutions to move their internationalization agendas “from a business model to a values-based model with a pedagogic focus, from exploiting vulnerable communities to empowering future glocal (local and global) communities so they can build the capacity for sustainable futures and meet the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.” University World News (International)