Alberta announces paid internships, disability employment programs

May 30, 2014

The Alberta government has announced 2 new programs designed to help Albertans with disabilities find meaningful work. The first is a $2-million fund designed to help people with disabilities enter the workforce. Its goal is to open up funding for groups or organizations to create new programs or expand successful pilot programs. The second is a new internship program that will provide opportunities for recent high school and PSE graduates to get paid internships with the provincial government. Funding is initially available for 20 interns, with plans to increase to 25 interns in the second year of the program. Internships will be for 6 months or one year; upon completion, interns will be eligible to apply for positions with AB’s public service. “Not all persons with disabilities are able to work or want to work. We need to ensure that those that want to work are given the opportunity to find better employment,” said Premier Dave Hancock. Edmonton Journal