Alberta authorizes name change for 4 more UCs

July 4, 2014

In addition to Concordia University College, Alberta has granted The King’s, Ambrose, St Mary’s, and Canadian university colleges permission to change their names to university. "While this is an important change in nomenclature, it is not a change in either mandate or sector," said AB Premier Dave Hancock in a memo to the institutions. Bill Diepeveen, Chair of The King’s UC Board of Governors, said, “this is a significant milestone in our 35-year history. We are delighted and thankful that the minister has recognized us for what we are, a full-fledged university with all that means.” The King’s UC President Melanie Humphreys added that the change “puts us on the same stage as the other independent universities across the country. As a community, we couldn’t be more pleased—this will serve our students well.” The universities can begin using their new names immediately after registering them as a trade name, but official changes may take some time. Because the institutions were established through private acts of the provincial legislature, they must petition for amendments through a private bill. Edmonton Journal | The King's UC News Release