Alberta predicts shortage of 114,000 workers by 2021

January 3, 2012

Alberta's latest occupational demand and supply outlook predicts the province could face a cumulative labour shortage of up to 114,000 workers across all sectors by 2021, up from the previous shortage of 77,000 workers predicted 2 years ago. Labour shortages are expected in the trades, among health-care workers, financial services, retail, public service, and the restaurant and tourism industries. PSE institutions such as SAIT Polytechnic and Bow Valley College are working with industry to try to identify what skills will be needed and when. BVC is developing new programs to address anticipated demand and adding sections to existing programs to accommodate the number of people applying for courses. The challenge is how to know what positions will be in demand 2 years out, says the dean of SAIT's School of Transportation. "You could see there's room to open up more seats in the full-time program, but are there going to be jobs for them?" says the dean. "Employers want to get ahead of that, but how do we do that?" Alberta News Release | Calgary Herald | Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook 2011-2021