Alberta PSE institutions have until September to revise mandate letters

April 12, 2013

Alberta's colleges and universities now have until September to revise the contentious mandate letters sent out by Advanced Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk after a meeting between him and 26 presidents. While the letters "have been embraced" by all presidents, "we need to flesh them out at each school level," says Lukaszuk. The presidents have time to go back and seek input from their institutions, then revise the letters into an MOU between the province and each specific institution, the minister says. The new letters, or MOUs, will have 3 parts: to define the role of each institution, its role in the PSE system, and its role in the province. The presidents agreed "on a full commitment" to collaborate to increase student access, create more portability between schools, and share resources where possible. To foster closer collaboration among the institutions, Lukaszuk created 3 new "tables" or conferences that will meet separately with the minister 4 times a year -- the presidents, board chairs, and student councils of all 26 institutions. Edmonton Journal