Alberta suspends PSE donation matching fund

February 25, 2011

According to the Alberta government's 2011 budget, announced Thursday, the province's Access to the Future Fund, a government scheme that matched private donations to post-secondary institutions, is on hold for 2 years to allow the advanced education and technology ministry "to focus on more immediate priorities." Provincial records show $700 million in pledges will likely remain untouched until the fund resumes. The ministry's $3-billion budget for 2011 is in line with last year's $3.2-billion budget, with the reduction due to the completion of some capital projects. While base operating funding for post-secondary schools is holding steady with the previous year, the province is providing an additional $62 million to open new buildings, address enrolment growth pressures, and foster innovation and collaboration across Campus Alberta. Alberta News Release | Advanced Education and Technology Budget | Calgary Herald | Edmonton Journal