All provinces except Quebec agree to Job Grant deal

March 3, 2014

Canada’s Employment Minister Jason Kenney last week announced that all but one of the provinces and territories have signed off on a “compromise” deal on the controversial Canada Job Grant, which will provide funding to employees for skills training. "I understand that the Council of the Federation will be issuing a statement [Feb 28] indicating that 12 provinces and territories appreciate the final federal offer and the flexibility that is shown within it. They apparently will be expressing some concerns and look forward to moving forward with us on a bilateral basis," says Kenney. The terms of the deal have not been made public, but concerns voiced in the past few months include the fact that the grant would pull money away from programs that benefit youth, First Nations, people with disabilities, and other groups. Some provinces also expressed concerns with the amount of funding that provinces and business would have to contribute to secure the grants. Quebec has allegedly not agreed to the deal. CBC