All university stakeholders must be responsible for cybersecurity: Bechkoum

April 17, 2018

Universities will never be 100 per cent secure because no one is completely safe when it comes to cyber security, writes Kamal Bechkoum. The author adds that it is essential to train not only staff, but also students in the basic skills of cybersecurity. Bechkoum also notes that as the frequency and stakes of cyberattacks continue to rise, governments will likely begin to hold schools more accountable for data breaches, with fines for breaches potentially taking up as much as 2% of schools’ operating budgets. “This matters because we can all be victims (or at least targets) and cyber security cannot, and should not, be delegated,” the author argues. “While you are busy thinking ‘it’s not going to be me, I’m not important,’ that is when you leave yourself vulnerable.” Times Higher Education