American survey of student affairs leaders reveals student mental health, well-being are priorities

March 27, 2020

An American survey of student affairs leaders at postsecondary institutions has revealed that student mental health and student well-being are the two main issues that occupy these leaders’ time at both public and private institutions. The survey, which was conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, found that 78% of student affairs leaders said that the number of campus visits to mental health professionals had "increased a lot" in the last five years. Other notable findings include: student affairs leaders at public institutions spend more time on issues of hunger and homelessness than their private counterparts; the majority of student affairs leaders believe their college’s president is familiar enough with student affairs to make good decisions; student affairs leaders believe that visiting liberal speakers are treated with respect more often than conservative speakers; and while student affairs leaders say white students are treated well by other students on campuses, a smaller percentage say the same for Black students. Inside Higher Ed (International)