APIC, Keyano board report finds former president grossly mismanaged funds, employees

September 13, 2021
CBC reports that a joint investigation conducted by the Alberta Public Interest Commissioner and Keyano College Board of Governors has found that former Keyano President Trent Keough grossly mismanaged senior-level employees, public funds, and the delivery of a public service. CBC says that several Keyano employees made complaints to the board and APIC about Keough’s conduct, which included repeated incidents of bullying or intimidation, creating an “adversarial” relationship with the Government of Alberta, disclosing confidential information, and making financial decisions without appropriate consultation or planning. Keough resigned in May 2020 and the report makes general recommendations for the college to improve its reporting process and conduct through more regular, thorough reviews of senior executives’ performance. “On behalf of the Board of Governors of Keyano College, I would like to thank the Public Interest Commissioner for her thorough and thoughtful investigation,” said Keyano Board Shelley Powell. “We also commend the Keyano College employees who brought these serious allegations forward to both the Board and the Public Interest Commissioner.” APIC Report | CBC | CTV News (AB)