App gives helicopter parents updates on their child's college progress

August 29, 2012

Launched this fall by a Washington-based team, csMentor is a web-based program that combines video mentoring with regular check-ins to promote better communication between college students and parents. Under the program, students get access to a series of Mentoring Interactive Programs (MIPs). Consisting of a short video on various topics, each MIP ends with students being asked a series of multiple-choice questions about their health, social adjustment, academic behaviour, and academic goals. After the student completes the week's questions, the csMentor technology analyzes the data and generates a report for the student and the parents. While the report does not list the students' responses, it provides a summary of how the student is doing in the 4 key areas, each of which is coded green, yellow, or red. csMentor's CEO says the goal is not to change the quantity of communication between students and parents, but to change the quality. "We think that parents who are either appropriately active in college students' lives or over-active or under-active are going to be that way no matter what," the CEO says. "We think our role is to inform those interactions that are going to take place under any circumstances." Inside Higher Ed | csMentor