Applied research at colleges, institutes supports over 5,500 Canadian businesses, says CICan report

May 20, 2016

More than 5,500 private-sector firms relied on research and development services provided by Canada’s colleges and institutes in 2014-15, according to a new report from Colleges and Institutes Canada. The report, titled “Applied Research: Partnered Innovation for Businesses and Communities,” found that the private sector was the largest source of investment in applied research based at colleges and institutes, committing a total of $80 M and representing 40% of external investment. The federal government followed closely behind with $74.6 M, or 38%. “Canada is fortunate to have this R&D infrastructure in place, through colleges and institutes, to support the innovation needs of SMEs,” said CICan President Denise Amyot, “applied research projects solve today’s problems and prepare the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to deal with tomorrow’s.” Hill Times | CICan | Report