Approaches to using video-on policies during online classes: Opinion

March 4, 2021
Two articles from Inside Higher Ed discuss the nuances of camera-on policies during online classes. In the first article, Zachary Nowak discusses how compassionate video-on and attendance policies implemented in their class encouraged students to be present and active in the class, and made it easier for teaching assistants to engage with students during discussion groups. In the second story, Margaret Finders and Joaquin Muñoz discuss the ethical concerns with video-on policies during online classes, arguing that forcing students to keep their cameras on can be culturally insensitive, racist, classist, and sexist. The article explains that students may be uncomfortable having their cameras on because of family members and pets, the pressure to be “camera ready,” technological issues, or unwillingness to allow others into their personal space. The author gives tips on alternative ways to engage students. Inside Higher Ed (1) | Inside Higher Ed (2) (Internation)