April Fool's at Camosun, BCIT

April 1, 2009

Camosun's Homepage on April 1, 2009

In honour of April Fool's Day yesterday, Camosun College's homepage featured several farcical stories, including one about thousands of rabbits, usually populating the University of Victoria, invading the college's campuses. Camosun's David Sovka quipped: "We suspect it has to do with both class size and tuition."

Camosun College invaded by Bunnies 

Other playful news items covered a new scratch-and-sniff website and NBA star Kobe Bryant joining the college's baskeball team. Joky headlines included "Province announces 38 new universities" and "Camosun welcomes alien overlords."

Camosun's new Scratch-and-Sniff Website


Camosun Chargers recruit Kobe Bryant 

Camosun renames "Young Bldg" "Old Bldg" 

The British Columbia Institute of Technology's homepage was redesigned to look like Google. The "Language Tools" link directed visitors to the school's English-language proficiency page, while the "Preferences" link went to BCIT's What Would You Change? microsite.

BCIT's "Google" April Fool's Homepage