Arctic research gets funding boost from feds

August 25, 2014

Canada has announced the creation of the National Research Council (NRC) Arctic Program, which will establish research partnerships focusing on technology designed to improve the lives of northerners and to advance economic development in Canada’s North. The federal government has reportedly committed $17 M over 8 years to the project, and is seeking a further $65 M in co-investments by industry over the same term. The announcement was made at the Yukon Research Centre of Excellence at Yukon College, where researchers currently explore innovative approaches to common northern problems. The 4 priority areas for the NRC’s new Arctic Program are resource development, northern transportation and shipping, marine safety technologies, and community infrastructure. “The Government of Canada, through its investments, is improving the lives of the people in the Yukon through increased opportunities in education and training, and through northern focused research,” said Yukon College President Karen Barnes. Yukon College News | Canada News Release | Maclean’s | Whitehorse Star | CBC