Article offers advice for better management of adjunct faculty

November 17, 2014

A piece in University Business offers 5 best practices for managing adjunct faculty. The article notes that the number of adjuncts in US PSE has grown by 160% over the last 20 years, and that institutions are dealing with growing concerns regarding adjunct working conditions. The article issues 5 specific recommendations. First, it suggests providing targeted support services to adjuncts in order to improve their satisfaction as employees and to help them perform more effectively. Second, the article recommends systematic evaluation of part-timers’ performance, using means such as online course evaluations. Third, institutions are encouraged to focus on inclusion, involving adjuncts in faculty development opportunities and offering work space. Fourth, institutions are advised to offer adjuncts adequate pay and other rewards as a motivational tool. Finally, the article recommends including adjunct faculty in strategic planning processes and breaking down barriers to engagement between adjuncts and administration. University Business