AU, Bigstone Cree Nation partner to monitor aquatic, moose health

September 29, 2021
Athabasca University has partnered with Bigstone Cree Nation to monitor changes in aquatic and moose health in northern Alberta communities. AU microbiologist Dr Shauna Zenteno and anthropology professor Dr Janelle Baker will collaborate with Bigstone Cree Nation to bridge Indigenous ways of knowing with traditional science research. Bigstone Cree Nation members will be trained in sampling water, organizing moose kits, and interviewing elders and community members. The qualitative observations will be combined with quantitative analysis of the water to make observations. “The traditional knowledge and community members themselves help guide the research,” said Zenteno. “Their understanding of the environment and observations over time can help us interpret the data we obtain on water quality and how this relates to our findings in moose.” AU (AB)