AUCC responds to "The Great University Cheating Scandal"

March 8, 2007

We recently discussed a Maclean's article that reported more than half of Canadian students admitting to cheating, and almost half of professors not reporting cheaters when they are identified.  The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has released a letter in response which says that the article is a misrepresentation of the uGuelph study it was based upon.  The study includes a note that its findings "should not be used to make definitive claims about the state of academic misconduct in Canada."  Only 1% of students admitted to handing in work from a paper "mill." 37% admitted to including a few sentences of material that were not properly footnoted.  The primary reason faculty gave for not pursuing charges against suspected cheaters was not "ineffective policing," as implied in Maclean's, but rather a lack of sufficient proof to pursue the situation.  The full letter from the AUCC to Maclean's is available online.  AUCC News Release