Auditor general identifies issues with ESDC’s management of student loans

July 13, 2020

A report from the federal auditor general has found issues with Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) management of financial assistance for postsecondary students, contributing to $2.4B in unpaid loans. The auditor identified several issues with the ESDC methods, indicating that the organization did not correctly verify postsecondary students’ eligibility for the Repayment Assistance Plan, failed to ensure that students understood their repayment obligations, and failed to adequately assess the impact of the programs on students’ ability to access education. The auditor also indicated that ESDC needs to ensure its approaches to recovering unpaid loans are consistent. ESDC has issued a statement indicating that it agrees with the recommendations and that it is working with provincial and territorial partners to improve Canada’s student loan system. CTV News (National)