Baby boomers, millennials should move past stereotypes and work together

March 24, 2015

An article written by Andrew Perez and Ashley Pereira, both recent graduates of the University of Toronto, calls on people "young and old alike" to "join forces and cast away this clash of generations that is stoking indignation and misunderstanding in the workplace." Perez and Pereira note that while the so-called millennial generation is highly educated, many are underemployed. They say that millennials were raised by a baby boomer generation that believed if their children worked hard and followed their passions, they would succeed. However, expectations—and the economy—have changed dramatically. According to Perez and Pereira, millennials and baby boomers must work together and move beyond stereotypes and caricatures of one another. They suggest that, in order to "crack the enigma that is millennials," employers should provide young employees with fulfilling development opportunities, including large, visible projects that will allow them to grow professionally; remunerate them at a competitive rate and hire based on potential rather than just experience; and offer them flexible working arrangements that allow them to balance their professional and personal commitments. National Post