Balance key to transforming Waterloo's "student ghetto"

August 14, 2014

An editorial in the Waterloo Record is applauding the city’s efforts to transform its “student ghetto.” Luisa D’Amato says that Waterloo has been successful in transforming its Northdale neighbourhood by striking a balance between town and gown. The city has pursued a policy of no more than 2 student residences for every one non-student residence in the area, and has focused on better bylaw enforcement, purposeful zoning, and strong urban design guidelines. The latter will now include a tax reward for environmentally friendly building design. Waterloo’s efforts have been boosted by students’ own preferences as well: increasingly, student renters are opting for smaller units rather than large, multi-bedroom residences that have been popular in the past. The city also received help from private partners like IBM. “Good neighbourhoods are balanced neighbourhoods,” said city councilor Jeff Henry. The Record