Bard College introduces 10,000-word admissions essays

September 30, 2013

NY-based Bard College is giving potential students a new way to apply for admission that does not take into account any prior grades or test scores. The Bard Entrance Examination is composed solely of essay questions, bypassing existing standardized testing and admissions procedures. Students must answer 4 questions in essay form, one each from Arts and Humanities; Social Sciences, History, and Philosophy; and Science and Mathematics, with the fourth from a category of the student’s choosing. The essays are to be approximately 2,500 words each, for a total of 10,000 words. Students who receive a grade of B+ or higher will receive an offer of admission. The new admission plan is “designed to level the playing field among applicants worldwide and to enable bright, motivated students to gain admission through a process that more closely mirrors actual college course work.” Students can still apply to Bard using the Common Application system. Chronicle of Higher Education | Bard News Release