Barnes & Noble releases survey of millennials

October 2, 2014

Barnes & Noble College has released the results of its Mindset survey, designed to reveal the influences on millennials’ career choices and decisions around program and institution choice. Respondents included freshmen and junior/senior students at both 2- and 4-year institutions in the US. More than 90% of all respondents had identified their education/career field of choice, and more than half of juniors and seniors had spoken to professors about potential career paths. The survey results serve to dispel 2 myths about millennials: “millennials lack focus as it relates to their future career” and millennials are driven by money, power, and fame, and think they “know it all.” As in other recent studies, respondents indicated that “personal fulfillment trumps money and status.” The survey also found that more than 90% of respondents indicated communication skills as important to future career aspirations, and that 66% of students are concerned about having the necessary skills to perform jobs well. Barnes & Noble Survey Results