Barnhart says leadership crisis made uSask stronger

February 23, 2015

The leadership crisis faced by the University of Saskatchewan last year has made the institution stronger, according to interim President Gordon Barnhart. Barnhart, speaking at a Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce event, said that uSask learned a great deal from the upheaval, and that the community's response emphasized how important the university is to Saskatoon. "It's a reminder that we're simply not a tenant in the city paying taxes. We are here as a key part of the city. We're part of the fabric and when the fabric starts to tear, it hurts us all. So we have a responsibility to you to be the very best university we can be," Barnhart said. Barnhart also emphasized that even in the midst of the crisis, there were good things happening on campus, such as the installation of a new cyclotron. He also denied that the institution has invested in sciences at the expense of arts and humanities. Finally, Barnhart emphasized that while uSask is "not rolling in money ... we're in good shape, and with some prudent financial decisions we'll be fine." StarPhoenix