BC challenges PSE sector to cut spending by 1%

February 22, 2012

In his budget speech Tuesday, BC's finance minister stated that the province is challenging the advanced education sector to reduce its spending by approximately 1% by 2014-15. The government is encouraging PSE institutions to collaborate and target cuts in discretionary costs, such as administration, executive overhead, and travel. The minister stated that the government will work with PSE schools to help make sure front-line programs are not affected. Student and faculty groups are critical of the budget. "This budget will only intensify the pressure on our institutions to make further cuts in program offerings and student services. We need to see both of those strengthened, not undermined as this budget is doing," says the secretary treasurer of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC. "We think the Premier ought to be honest and tell British Columbians that they are receiving a lower quality of higher education today than before the last provincial election and that it will be worse still in three years," says the president of the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC. The Canadian Federation of Students' BC chapter says cuts will undermine the province's Jobs Plan. "Post-secondary institutions will play a critical role in preparing workers for new jobs, but the government is demanding that colleges and universities do more with less." Budget Speech | FPSE News | CUFA BC News | CFS News Release