BC colleges contribute $7.8 billion to provincial economy

March 24, 2014

A recent study reveals that British Columbia’s 11 public colleges create a $7.8-billion “positive effect” on the provincial economy, which is equal to 4.2% of the province’s GDP. The report also shows that BC College students earn an average annual rate of return of 16.5% more than inflation, on their total investment including tuition, books, fees, deferred income and even the value of leisure time spent on their studies. Taxpayers can expect a return of $2.40 for every dollar invested in BC’s colleges. “Students who attend one of our colleges for just 2 years earn 51% more than those who have only a high school diploma,” says Selkirk College President Angus Graeme. “Not only do these students have the ability to earn more, they pay more taxes and therefore contribute to the social and fiscal wellbeing of their community and the province.” BC Colleges News Release