BC expands student loan forgiveness program; offers new completion grant

March 27, 2015

British Columbia has announced that it is extending the BC Loan Forgiveness Program to additional occupations and that it will offer new completion grants to students training for in-demand careers. BC’s Loan Forgiveness Program will expand to include health occupations such as ultrasonography and medical laboratory technologists, as well as specialized occupations such as audiologists and speech-language pathologists. Additional changes to the program stipulate that recipients working for at least 400 hours per year for 5 years at a public health facility in an underserved or designated community or school district will have the outstanding BC portion of their student loan paid in full. Previously, this was available after 3 years. Recipients who work between 100–399 hours per year will be eligible to have their BC loans reduced by a prorated amount. The new BC Completion Grant program will offer students who have completed programs leading to an in-demand occupation $500 to reduce their BC student loans. The changes are intended to support BC’s Skills for Jobs BlueprintBC News Release