BC institutions using student fees to bypass tuition cap, says NDP critic

March 7, 2016

British Columbia’s NDP advanced education critic alleges that the province’s colleges and universities are using increases in mandatory student fees to get around the province’s 2% tuition cap. "It's a sneaky move," said Kathy Corrigan, "they are trying to say they have a two per cent cap at the same time they are sneaking around the corner and allowing them to add a whole bunch of fees that are very clearly not allowed under the policy." Corrigan supported her claims by citing a recent case where one BC college increased non-tuition fees to effectively hike its overall cost to students by 4.5% without technically breaking the 2% tuition cap. Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson, however, has said that his ministry is monitoring all new fee increases. "We've told the institutions, colleges and universities, that they have to be able to justify those fees by showing benefits to students," he said. "Most of those fees are in the range of about $80." CBC