BC launches $41M grant program to address, reduce student debt

February 20, 2020

The Government of British Columbia has announced the creation of the BC Access Grant, a program designed to reduce student loan debts for thousands of students per year. Beginning in Fall 2020, college and university students in the province will be eligible for a new grant of up to $4K for students in programs under two years long, and up to $1K a year on top of the $3K receivable through the Canada Student Grant for student in longer programs. “With tuition fees at an all-time high, student debt in BC continues to grow as students and their families struggle to afford the education they need to enter the workforce,” said Tanysha Klassen of the BC Federation of Students. “The BC Access Grant will help students access not only four-year programs, but certificate and diploma programs that are key for many aspects of the workforce.”  FPSE  | CBC  (BC)