BC Law Society votes against TWU law school

June 12, 2014

The Law Society of British Columbia has passed by a vote of 3,210 to 968 a resolution declaring that Trinity Western University’s controversial law school "is not an approved faculty of law for the purposes of the Law Society’s admissions program." The vote is not binding and does not reverse an April decision by the Law Society’s governing body, known as the Benchers, that permitted TWU’s graduates to enter the Law Society’s admissions program. However, members can request a referendum if they feel that the Benchers have not “substantially implemented” the resolution within a year of its adoption. Before the vote, TWU’s President Bob Kuhn asked the Law Society to respect TWU’s religious freedom, citing a 2001 Supreme Court of Canada ruling involving the BC College of Teachers. Lindsay Lyster, President of the BC Civil Liberties Association, also asked voters to support the Benchers’ decision. However, the voices of the many speakers who opposed the original approval carried the day. “Ultimately, I fully expect that the issues raised will be decided by the Supreme Court of Canada,” said Jan Lindsay, President of the Law Society. BC Law Society News Release | Vancouver Sun | CBC | Globe and Mail | National Post | Maclean's