BC looks for ways to boost trades

October 29, 2013

The British Columbia government is focused on ways to tackle a ““looming jobs crisis”” and boost trades, including drafting a new kindergarten to grade 9 curriculum and rethinking the role of PSE and apprenticeship training, reports the Globe and Mail. The proposed elementary curriculum aims to change the way BC schools teach, and is based on the idea that students will learn more usable skills with hands-on, multidisciplinary projects than with the current 62-minute-blocks system where ““learning is done in silos.”” An independent review of the authority that handles credentials and standards for apprenticeship programs is due in November. In PSE, BC is developing 20 open textbooks for skills training and technical PSE subject areas, which are in addition to the open, online textbooks announced last fall for 40 high enrolment first- and second-year subject areas. Globe and Mail | BC News Release