BC maintains PSE funding at nearly $2 billion

February 16, 2011

According to the BC government's 2011 budget, announced Tuesday, the province is allocating $1.88 billion to post-secondary schools, a slight increase from the $1.876 billion earmarked in the 2010 budget. This year's budget is drawing criticism from student and faculty groups. The Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC warns the province's "'status quo' budget extends a gradual degradation of the quality of education and constrains BC's ability to compete in the knowledge economy." The BC chapter of the Canadian Federation of Students notes that the budget shows the province's student aid budget has shrunken by almost 20% since 2009. "Slowly starving post-secondary institutions and drowning students in debt will hamper the province's economic strength and productivity," says the chapter's chairperson. BC News Release | BC 2011 Budget and Fiscal Plan | CUFA BC News Release | CFS-BC News Release