BC Minister asks PSE institutions to stop hiring lobbyists

February 26, 2015

British Columbia Advanced Education Minister Andrew Wilkinson said that he will ask the province's PSE institutions to stop hiring lobbyists to try to influence his decisions, and will instead invite administrators to speak with him directly. "In an era where we're trying to make sure that every dollar of advanced education money is spent on students, I'll be conveying to them that I don't see the need for them to retain government relations specialists," he said. Wilkinson's statement comes after the provincial NDP drew attention to the amount spent on lobbyists by several institutions. NDP critic Katrine Conroy said, "it shouldn't be happening. That's money that's supposed to be going to the students and classrooms. That's tuition fees that are paid by students and it's taxpayer money and it should not be used to pay for lobbyists by BC Liberal appointees [on boards of governors] to lobby their own governments." Vancouver Sun