BC risks trusting labour market forecasts too much

May 30, 2014

Robert Clift, Executive Director of the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC, has warned the provincial government of setting educational policies based on labour forecasts. Clift argues that labour-market predictions are typically accurate only in the short term and depend on specific circumstances. Moreover, he adds, actual student employment numbers indicate that employability is not a problem for BC university and college grads. “The real problem,” Clift writes, “is that the provincial government doesn’t want to invest new money to support its new and uncertain liquefied natural gas initiative.” Clift is referring to the BC government’s controversial Skills for Jobs Blueprint plan, which has reoriented the province’s education budget with an eye toward projected industrial development. Clift suggests that the government would be best served by “creating new educational opportunities for those young people [Christy Clark's] government has left on the sidelines” with the program. Vancouver Sun