BCCAT publishes longitudinal study on experiences of class of 1988

January 13, 2015

The British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer has released a new report, Paths on Life’s Way, that offers a longitudinal study of the postsecondary experiences of high school graduates from BC’s class of 1988. The study followed 332 female and 208 male respondents and their progress through various “states,” such as full- or part-time postsecondary education, full- or part-time employment, or unemployment. 31% of the respondents went through 6 of the 8 possible states and 25% participated in 7 different states; less than 2% participated in only 2 states across the 22 years examined in the study. Only 20% did not commence postsecondary studies within one year of graduating from high school, and by 2010, only 3% identified themselves as having never attended any postsecondary education. The study also revealed significant differences between the experiences of men and women: women generally took longer to enter the full-time workforce and spent triple the number of average years in part-time employment. Full Report