BCIT to deliver transcribing project to better support hard-of-hearing PSE students

March 22, 2012

The BC government is providing $150,000 to BCIT's Post-Secondary Communication Access Services (PCAS) for the delivery of the TypeWell Transcript Project. With the help of a transcriber in the classroom, the TypeWell transcribing system gives hard-of-hearing students an accurate, real-time text transcript of a lecture or seminar. This type of service is increasingly in demand among students with hearing loss, and there is a need to recruit, train, and deploy transcribers to meet the demand. PCAS will use the investment to support the expansion of transcribing services at BC PSE institutions by recruiting, training, and mentoring transcribers, and by coordinating equipment, software licenses, and technical support. A remote TypeWell service delivery will respond to student needs in regions and situations where having a transcriber in the classroom is not possible. BC News Release