BCIT president on the "hard truths" about BC's economy

September 14, 2012

Writing for the Vancouver Sun, BCIT president Don Wright states that "building a foundation for prosperity in BC requires an understanding of the 'hard truths' defining our challenges and our choices" -- increasing productivity is the only sustainable way to improve the standard of living, and the distribution of income in BC has become steadily unequal over the past 30 years. There are multiple causes behind these truths, writes Wright, but there is an important factor that is common to both: human capital. He goes on to say that we must grapple with hard questions about investment in education if we are going to make any headway against these hard truths: Are we sure the significant investment in PSE creates as much human capital as it could? Are we adequately focusing our resources to ensure quality PSE is broadly accessible to everyone who will benefit from it? Are we investing in the right proportions across the PSE spectrum? Wright concludes that he is "convinced that, unless we as a society are prepared to grapple with these and other hard questions in a meaningful way, we have little hope of making any substantial progress on the hard truths of BC's dismal productivity performance and its increasingly unequal distribution of income." Vancouver Sun