Be Their Buddy, Invest in Your Young Alumni

January 12, 2007

Your recent grads are busy -- busy finding jobs, busy moving home (and then away again), busy scrambling to meet loan payments. Unless instilled with a strong sense of school loyalty, they are unlikely to be lucrative fundraising targets. Direct mail campaigns are one more piece of mail needing to be paid, and may be unsuccessful -- but still will lay the groundwork for keeping in touch as the student heads towards being the grown-up. Paul Barry reminds us that offer is twice as important as message, making it very important for your mailings to emphasize the benefits of donations rather than the costs. Surveying your current donors may help you understand why individuals donate, which you can then apply to your fundraising strategies. Young alumni will receive an informal, friendly communication better than a formal institutional address. What might take effort now will lead to payoff in the future. Mal Warwick Newsletter (PDF)