Beginner Tłıchǫ Yatıì language course at Collège Nordique sees enrolment growth

March 30, 2021
Collège Nordique’s beginner Tłıchǫ Yatıì language course has seen enrolment growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The online course provides an accessible learning experience that has enabled instructor Georgina Franki to provide instruction to many different people. “You don’t have to sit with them, but you can still teach them,” said Franki. When describing her teaching style, Franki states “[w]hen I teach, I teach about what my Elders and how my grandma would have spoken to me, in the endearing way, instead of like today.” Enrolment has grown enough for the college to offer two beginner one Tłıchǫ classes. “I think the biggest thing that I'm proud of is our contribution to the revitalization of the language and culture,” said Collège Nordique’s language programmer Rosie Benning. CBC (NWT)