Beloit releases mindset list for the class of 2018

August 27, 2014

Beloit College in Wisconsin has released its annual mindset list, describing this year’s crop of first-year students. This year’s list largely focuses on technology and media. The class of 2018 was generally born in 1996, and were starting kindergarten during the September 11th terrorist attacks. Students born in 2018 are more familiar with a hashtag than the pound sign, and are likely more familiar with the FOX network’s Sunday night “Animation Domination” programming block than Saturday morning cartoons. Cloning has been always been achievable in their lifetimes, and there have always been “TV” programs designed to be watched on the web. They are unlikely to have ever used the Netscape web browser, and The Daily Show has always been on the air. Tupac Shakur, Carl Sagan, and Tiny Tim all died before they were born, and they may be able to spot Madonna or Sylvester Stallone visiting their college-aged daughters on parents’ weekend. Mindset List 2018