Binge Drinking May Be Job Prep

October 5, 2006

Two US economists argue in a study released last month that social drinkers tend to have more charisma, a fatter Rolodex and more friends than those who abstain or drink alone. The impact of social drinking is measurable on paycheques, too, resulting in 10% bigger salaries for men and 14% bigger for women. The paycheque boost doesn’t diminish until after 35 drinks per week. The research, published by the LA-based Libertarian Reason Foundation and the Journal of Labor Research, takes aim at efforts in several communities to crack down on college binge drinking as well as proposals to raise alcohol taxes. Drawing from a large national database, they argue that social drinking actually leads to "superior market outcomes." (See the article in the LA Times:,1,1511855.story?ctrack=1&cset=true )