Bishop’s announces plans to plant 10,500 trees on campus

September 29, 2021
Bishop’s University has announced plans to plant 10,500 trees on campus as part of its 2020-2024 Sustainable Development Plan. The initiative will see the Sustainable Development Advisor, student volunteers, and people from the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program start the process by planting trees near Peter Curry Marsh. Bishop’s has chosen six native species which will be planted in nine plantation zones. The reforested areas will provide a variety of benefits, including ensuring sustainability, sequestering carbon, helping with water retention and absorption, and restoring forest cover for wildlife. “The 10,500 trees that will be planted will help us ensure that our campus will remain a home for wildlife and a haven for recreation while contributing to the sustainability of our planet,” said Bishop’s Principal Michael Goldbloom. Bishop’s | The Sherbrooke Record (QC)