Booming enrolment forces some Ontario universities to schedule weekend exams

April 29, 2011

A growing number of Ontario students are forced to write final exams on weekends, even Saturday nights, as booming enrolment makes it difficult for universities to find enough room and time slots for April finals. UWO schedules exams 7 days a week; uWaterloo and Ryerson run finals on Saturdays, the former scheduling some in the evenings. A space crunch at the University of Toronto Scarborough has made weekend finals a must. With 30,000 undergraduates who are encouraged to mix and match classes, UWO needs every day of the week in order to keep timetable conflicts under 100, says the institution's vice-provost. The university doesn't run exams on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, or the first 2 nights of Passover, but there was a real crunch this year and UWO scheduled finals on Easter Saturday, which is rare, the vice-provost says.