Boréal to give first-year students iPads

March 8, 2012

Starting this fall, all first-year students enrolled in a full-time PSE program at Collège Boreal will receive an iPad, part of the Ontario-based college's efforts to maintain state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. "We firmly believe that by providing (students) with this new tool, our institution will contribute to enriching their learning experience," says Boréal president Denis Hubert-Dutrisac. "This is another way for Collège Boréal to prepare its students for the job market." Boréal is a new member of the iTunes U network, and is working with a pair of CÉGEPs on a project that would allow the sharing of expertise regarding the iPad's educational applications and foster the development of institutional projects using the tablet. In September 2010, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine was the first Canadian medical school to give its incoming class iPads. Boréal News Release