Boréal opens Mini TFO media centre for childhood education

April 30, 2013

At Monday's opening of the first Mini TFO Centre for Early Childhood Education, at Ontario-based Collège Boréal, the college and Groupe Média TFO signed an MOU of understanding to promote access to the media resources offered by its education division, TFO Éducation. Mini TFO is a media world for pre-school-aged children, designed to stimulate their development and their imaginations in an environment that combines play with learning. By recreating the world of Mini TFO at Boréal, the new centre will also facilitate learning for the future educators who study there. Students in the French-language program will have direct access to TFO’s educational resources at all times by installing the TFO application on their iPads and using it to access the TFO websites. is the platform used to distribute more than 4,000 different resources to teachers and students to French-language schools in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. Boréal News Release