Bounce Back program at Carleton to help undergrads struggling academically

January 17, 2012

Starting this week, first-year Carleton University students who have received a 60% or below as of the mid-term will be invited to participate in the Bounce Back program, which offers learning strategies for struggling students and sustained support over the winter semester. The 9-week program will accept the first 100 students who apply. The 15 trained facilitators are all upper-year students who will meet with the participants to guide them through transitional difficulties that are common with the combination of academic rigour and newfound freedom of university life. There is a financial incentive for the 3 students who achieve the greatest academic improvement in their GPA -- a tuition credit worth $750. The program is the latest addition to Carleton Complete, a comprehensive support system to help students complete their degrees and prepare for real-world challenges. Carleton News Release