Branch Campuses Continue to Boom

February 16, 2007

The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education discussed a recent study on the growing trend of colleges opening branch campuses abroad this week.  The number of branch campuses, which the Observatory notes may be understated, is 82 – up from 24 in 2002.  Branches of US institutions account for a little more than half of this number. Australian schools represent 12%, and British and Irish schools each lay claim to 5%.  While institutions from Western nations found the majority of branch campuses, schools in India and Pakistan have opened operations in Dubai.  Around a third of branch units offer degrees in only one subject, and Business and technology are the top subject areas.  The average enrollment of such institutions is 1,083.  While some countries feel they have filled their quota, the trend of satellite campuses is showing no signs of slowing. Inside Higher Ed