Branding experts consider the impact of Generation Y on marketing

August 15, 2014

The Globe and Mail has released as part of its Agenda 2020 series an interview with 2 marketing experts on the impact that Generation Y will have on marketing and branding. Both experts say that brands are becoming increasingly important, and that in the digital era it is more critical than ever that organizations and companies have an effective brand and marketing strategy. The experts agree that Generation Y typically expects more flexibility from their brands. They add that traditional modes of advertising remain important and emphasize that marketers must understand how the strengths of media such as radio fit alongside social media in an overall strategy. According to the interview, consumers have come to expect a longer-term relationship with brands that extends beyond an initial transaction. The experts say that Generation Y will expect service when they need it without being stuck in a queue; they add that automation should lead to increased personalization of services and information in the future. Globe and Mail